March 30, 2018

Our Team

Dr Jeremy Sangster

Jeremy was born and raised in Canada before meeting his future Australian wife, Anna, while working as an ice skating instructor at a summer camp in Switzerland. They both shared an interest in health, so together embarked on careers as health professionals.

Jeremy began a five year Master of Chiropractic degree at Macquarie University in Sydney, while Anna commenced her career in Naturopathy. Jeremy received multiple sports scholarships for his involvement in sports as varied as ice hockey, tae kwon do and canoe polo, and was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s award for academic excellence. He has been in practice for over 20 years.

“I have to admit that upon commencing chiropractic I thought it was all about fixing bad backs and wonky shoulders, but there is so much more to it as I’ve witnessed first-hand. It saves lives. It gets people off drugs, it prevents surgeries and more importantly it promotes good old fashioned health. I have seen so many people’s lives turned around that I firmly believe that everyone would benefit from making chiropractic a regular part of their lives.
Chiropractic is a powerful, natural, hands-on approach to bring about optimal health. What I love about chiropractic is the fact that it uses the body’s own innate ability to heal. There are no magic potions, no needles, no drugs and no surgeries.
As a chiropractor I regularly adjust everyone from newborn babies to people aged in their 90’s. I have done extensive post-graduate studies to enhance my clinical skills with babies and children. There is nothing that I enjoy more than an entire family coming in together and taking their health to the next level.
After my family, my health is of primary importance. I am fit, I get adjusted regularly and I have a passion for what life has to offer. My purpose is to inspire and empower people to live healthier, better quality lives through a chiropractic lifestyle. My aim is to provide the highest quality chiropractic service.”


Jennifer loves spending time with her husband and boys, whether that’s being their biggest supporter at their cricket games, enjoying family movie nights or discovering a new adventure together.  She also loves plants, reading a new book, having a laugh with friends and family, and is always up for a great cup of coffee!!!

“I became a patient of Dr. Jeremy’s in 2012 when I first moved to Perth. I then introduced my husband and our 3 active boys to chiropractic care. I had the privilege of joining the Odin Chiropractic family in 2021. It is amazing to work with such a health and wellness focused team. I enjoy building a friendly rapport with our patients and assisting new patients along their Chiropractic journey.”


Nicole has a passion for movement and has been teaching pilates for 10 years. Nicole’s favourite past time is hanging out with her husband, 3 children and little black dog.

“I believe chiropractic care has been a major factor in keeping me active, which in turn helps both my physical and mental health. I’m excited to join the awesome team at Odin Chiropractic”